All year we are patient (at least we are trying to be) until we reach our favourite season - SUMMER. Oh, those summer nights, don't we all love them – days are longer, more people are outside, and every cold drink turns into heaven on earth. Summer doesn't mean that you have to lie on a beach and do nothing. For us, summer is the time we travel the most – from business trips to short getaways. Everything seems to be so easy and free of complaints. When the sun is out, it's not only that people are more active, and we produce more endorphins but also design emerges in a different light. If you are asking yourself now, how we combine 'summer' with the aspect of design? Just think about the last time you walked home from work and stopped in the middle of the street to capture the fantastic skyline touched by the golden sunset :-)

London is the heart of our company, but we love to explore different countries, cultures and people as they inspire us. This summer some of us travelled through the US, Italy, Switzerland and Germany to engage with our current clients and also to recharge, so our inspiration keeps going. If you followed us, you might already know that every design we create is tailor-made to our clients' needs. To provide you with the best design solutions, we need to be up to date and able to understand what makes you and your company unique. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer.